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The Life Double Down Theory
The Life Double Down Theory
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I remember a month or so ago reading a post in Loveawake dating site blog about his lifestyle and being over seas having fun fucking girls. In the comment section I picked up on common theme. Most comments where the ones along the lines of,

“Roosh, while I admire you’re lifestyle and you having fun traveling around the world selling books and banging hot chicks. I simply could never do the same thing. I have WAY too many responsibilities and things holding me back from doing the same thing”.

This got me thinking of my life and the lives of single guys my age and younger that lead me to stumble upon The Life Double Down Theory. Most of us go to school, graduate with a degree and don’t really know what we’re supposed to do next besides find a job. Instead of finding something we are passionate about and focusing on pursing that. We sort of drift working from 9-5 job to 9-5 job, moving up in our careers and trying to hopefully make more money. So instead of pursuing that great passion and taking a risk we take the money and wall ourselves in with things, more debt, and relationships that will tie us down to an area while keeping us dependent on the money we’re making.

The cycle is the same, your first couple of raises you get better clothes, bigger tv and entertainment systems (probably on credit), upgrade the car.You’re out of school for a few years and go back and take out a loan to get your master’s degree. You find someone and get married tying your finances to hers. You move from renting an apartment to owning a house. More stuff, new stuff, bigger stuff. You keep pushing all those dreams or goals of doing something that makes you happy to the back of your mind because you have way too much responsibilities now to think of that. You may wake up one day and realized all these years you’ve simply double down on life and backed yourself into a wall.

Most people see climbing up the ladder of success as an excuse to accumulate more burden than they have to. More responsibilities than they really need, instead of looking at it as a way to escape the rat race and mundane life doing the same thing year in and year out can lead to. Pay off your initial student and crappy car loan then work hard enough to figure out what you really want to do with your life. Saving money for an exit strategy. For example if you’ve always had a thing for photography, instead of going back to school and getting a Master’s Degree in Business how about you take courses in photography and invest in better camera equipment, get good at it and figure out a way you can turn that into a career traveling and shooting exotic women. There are plenty of examples of how you can plan and make moves to do what you love rather than just double down and put yourself in a corner you don’t need to be in.

This is dating advice that I myself wish I’d follow. Again it’s never too late for some. Also if you’re living the life working 9 to 5 and are in love with what you’re doing and where your career is going then I’m not knocking your hustle, do you. I just want people to think about their next moves more closely and if the result of that move will bring them closer to long term happiness or just a short term happy coke bump.

Consider this an introduction to something bigger I’m working on for 2022

This might be the best and most important lesson Roosh, Frost, and all the other male bloggers have taught me, that there’s something else out there. That life isnt just a series of jobs and things.

Carlin said a house is just a place for your stuff, well I dont want stuff.

It’ll begin with our generation, we might be the first in a while to finally remember that life is for living.

The things you own end up owning you.

But, finding what you’re passionate about is actually easier said than done. How do you actually do that? What if you’re the kind of person who’s not passionate about anything really? Is everyone passionate about one or two things?

What you’re not factoring in is the probabilities of being able to live off your passions. I know some photographers and most of them end up doing boring shit just to make enough money, same for musicians, for every one that makes it playing exactly the music he is passionate about, there are hundreds more playing shitty studio sessions for jingles and crap pop songs at weddings.

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